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Our programs

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Noonday Community is the representation of all community outreach initiatives that are put on by Noonday Kitchen which include our Summer Lunch Break and Operation Give Bag programs. These programs aim to address the different manifestations of food insecurity throughout our local communities.

Summer Lunch Break addresses the needs of students who qualify for and rely heavily on the public school systems to provide lunch to them throughout the year. Access to these essential meals gets drastically diminished during the summer months, so we address that disparity by bringing fresh meals directly to their residential areas. 

Operation Give Bag is a family focused program that aims to provide produce and grocery boxes to families that are connected to us through the efforts of local social workers, counselors, and health department officials

sunshine market is our version of a farmers market that we put on in communities that are recognized as food deserts. this is done to promote food access and wellness within these communities that suffer from a shortage of grocery stores and fresh produce

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Noonday relief

Noonday Relief represents the disaster relief initiative that we have here at Noonday Kitchen. 


In times of natural disaster, we are equipped with a fully functional mobile kitchen, to deploy to areas most impacted by these events. During these deployments we are prepared to serve up to 2,000 meals per day to families and first responders at the point of impact to bolster community recovery efforts. 

How to get involved

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